Senate Bill 857 will significantly and safely increase access to health care options for medical professionals and patients across our Commonwealth. 

(HARRISBURG, PA – April 21, 2020) The Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks the State Senate for passing SB 857, a bipartisan bill to expand telemedicine to citizens all across PA.  Gov. Tom Wolf should sign the bill immediately. 

“This telemedicine bill allows for better access to the medication and care Pennsylvanians need from their doctors,” says Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “We encourage Governor Wolf to sign Senate Bill 857 into law to increase access to telehealth without sacrificing safety or the highest standards of care.”

Included in the bill is important language that is in line with FDA drug safety guidelines, and would prevent the use of telemedicine by groups like Planned Parenthood to expand abortion in our state. 

“This pandemic shows how vital telemedicine is, especially in a state like Pennsylvania, with a large rural population,” says Emily Kreps, legal assistant for the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “The legislature was right to keep the health and safety of every Pennsylvanian in mind in passing this important bill, and we urge Gov. Wolf to ignore the objections of Planned Parenthood lobbyists, and either sign this bill or allow it to become law without his signature.”

To ask Governor Wolf to sign the telemedicine bill into law, click here or go to