Gov. Wolf’s Telemedicine Declaration Must Not Include Chemical Abortion

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The following statement may be attributed to Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute:

On Saturday, March 28, in a move to expand healthcare access to address the Coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that any licensed medical professional may provide services via telemedicine.  This action should not be viewed as a license for Planned Parenthood to administer chemical abortions absent a physical meeting between the woman and a physician. Not only does Pennsylvania’s Abortion Conrol Act require “a private medical consultation either with the physician who is to perform the abortion or with the referring physician,” but telemed  abortions also run counter to federal guidelines.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies the abortion drug Mifeprex as a dangerous drug that must only be given in a health care setting and an in-person consultation with a medical professional. Any abortions via telemedicine will bring greater risk to women in Pennsylvania.

Planned Parenthood must not be allowed to capitalize on the emergency actions (like telemed expansion) taken to keep Pennsylvanians safe through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is also no time for Planned Parenthood to be allowed to remain open for elective surgical abortions when all other surgical facilities are prohibited from performing elective and other important procedures. 

Yet Governor Wolf is allowing elective surgical abortions to continue, increasing the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, and expending  scarce medical equipment that should be used to save lives. 

We must not further strain our hospitals and risk lives by allowing Planned Parenthood to increase abortions in Pennsylvania. In the midst of this pandemic, let’s help our frontline medical workers save lives.


Take Action: Contact to your State Senator and urge their support for the telemedicine bill as amended (Senate Bill 857) and to have your Senator influence Majority Leader Jake Corman, who heads the Senate Rules Committee, to keep the bill as amended in order to ban telemed abortions in Pennsylvania. To send an email, go to


Mary E. Mashok

Please be concerned with the medical crises that is going on today. To allow abortions at this time or any time is wrong.

Margarita Quinones

He must be stopped. front line medical staff are risking their lives trying to save lives sometimes without having enough protective equipment and abortion clinics are using them to kill. It’s disgusting.

Rev. William miller

Gov. Wolf’s decision to continue abortion services during this pandemic as a necessary surgical service can be summed up in one word…hypocritical.


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