The Patriot News published this Letter to the Editor on Feb. 6:

There are many to blame for the decades of harm caused by the “House of Horrors” and licensed abortionist Dr. Gosnell’s clinic – and they all should be held accountable – but first we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Both sides of the controversial issue of abortion must agree that we need to protect the health and safety of women having abortions and of premature infants aborted alive. The atrocities uncovered in Philadelphia are bringing to light a glaring need for stronger oversight and regulations over those licensed to perform abortions.

Just recently have we instituted inspections on state clinics that had ceased during the start of Gov. Ridge’s administration. These need to continue and provide insight for more efficient regulations placed on all who perform abortions. Placing blame is secondary to the need of protecting young women and premature infants before more are negligently and horrifically harmed.