Pennsylvania is currently facing unprecedented attacks on efforts to protect the sanctity of human life:

  • Governor Tom Wolf vetoing any “attack on abortion” – even the Down Syndrome Protection Act, which would have attempted to end the horrific practice of genetic selection of Down syndrome in the womb for abortion.
  • Senator Larry Farnese, during debate on the Down Syndrome Protection Act, proudly stating, “restricting abortion for any reason is wrong.”
  • Planned Parenthood pledging to spend at least $45 million for the 2020 elections – a record amount – with Pennsylvania as a prime target. Planned Parenthood also wants to expand abortion here in Pennsylvania by starting abortion by video, or telemed abortions.

We have to step up our game if we want to continue to protect and save lives. Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) is well-positioned as an effective advocate for advancing the sanctity of life across the Commonwealth. Here are three ways we help do so: 

1. For pro-life legislators, we’ve “got their back.”

We help direct people like you in supportive pro-life measures. We help draft pro-life legislation. We help answer some of the tough questions for legislators so they can effectively advocate their positions.

“The Pennsylvania Family Institute is a critical voice in Harrisburg for those whose voices are increasingly squelched. If you care about the unborn, the vulnerable elderly, religious liberty, freedom of conscience or the values of the nuclear family, then PFI is your voice. I am truly grateful for the good work which the dedicated staff of PFI do every day.”
– State Representative Paul Schemel, 90th Legislative District

2. Our ongoing pro-life advocacy has a track record of success.

PFI was instrumental in the abortion clinic regulations law, passed in 2011, that has helped close nine abortion clinics in Pennsylvania

Our annual Voter’s Guide informs voters on the pro-life positions of candidates to help people like you make informed decisions.

And our legal team at the Independence Law Center has been involved with a host of cases that have helped to advance life; from the Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood Specialties case at the Supreme Court to obtaining an injunction for a teenage girl who was pregnant and whose mother had scheduled an abortion for her the next day against her wishes. (Four months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and her family reconciled.)

3. We’re sponsoring the first-ever Pennsylvania March for Life

We need to come together to rally support and provide a visual not just to elected officials but to communities across the Commonwealth that Pennsylvanians support life. Monday, May 18, 2020. Details:

Your investment in the Pennsylvania Family Institute is needed to help make all of this possible in 2020 and beyond. To partner with us financially, you may make a secure online donation by clicking here or visit You may also call in your donation at 717-545-0600 or mail us a check to PA Family Institute, 23 N Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101.