Roll Call: House Committee Passes Down Syndrome Protection Act

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Today was the first step in seeing protections for children diagnosed with Down syndrome become law in Pennsylvania. The Down Syndrome Protection Act, House Bill 321, passed out of the PA House Health Committee and now moves on to the full State House of Representatives.

Here’s the roll call (15-9):

Please contact your State Representative and State Senator today to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act. To easily send them an email:


Joseph F. Maxwell

Dear Rep. Shusterman,
It is incomprehensible to me that HB 321/PN1404 resolution was not passed by the House Committee unanimously. Down Syndrome children bring great love and joy to their families despite their disability. It is a sad commentary on lack of charity in some of our representatives. The Downs Syndrome children are children of God. Their lives are no less valid or important than those who vote against protecting them from discrimination/ harm.
I urge you to vote in favor of this bill when it comes to the full house for a vote.

James A Snyder

I am a Pro-Life Democrat that believes that people with Down Syndrome have the same rights as any other minority person and as any person, born or unborn.

Fr Denis G Wilde, osa

it’s becoming glaringly clear that on the actual legislative level of persons the term “Pro-Life Democrat is a contradiction. That eminently applies to our federal congress and senate. November coming soon. Social justice begins in the womb!

Fr Denis Wilde, OSA
Associate Director
Priests for Life

Sandra E. Adams

Please continue to support the protection of Down Syndrome Act. We cannot continue to slaughter the lives of children, born and unborn, like so many states are moving toward or have already done. God, and God alone numbers each of our days. We do not have this authority and never should take it for ourselves. Once we negate the preciousness of even one life, no life is precious and thus can be judged for its value by anyone else. It will not stop with the unborn.

Gina C.

Please vote to protect babies with Down’s Syndrome. These babies are human beings with a life to be lived that will greatly enrich our lives with each breath they take.


Please support and help save the lives of Down syndrome children! We are blessed with two in our church. One an older gentle man and one a 7 year old..I can’t imagine in my mind their not being with us each Sunday etc because someone decided they had no value and made a decision based on their disability. It just breaks my heart as I have been blessed by many Down syndrome individuals over the years. How I often wonder how did we get to this unthinkable point in the United States of America where we are all created equal endowed by our creator..please open your heart to the Down syndrome babies and save them from extinction..they are not disposable throwaways..they are with us for many very good reasons.


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