Jeremy Samek, Senior Counsel for Pennsylvania Family Council, gave the following comments outside of Congressman Conor Lamb’s Allegheny County district office urging support for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

When my oldest son was born, he required immediate medical intervention and a major surgery the day after he was born and another a week later.

Yet, there are two classes of babies being born today. There are those like my son, a human being who will receive medical care and who the medical personnel in the room will attempt to save. The other class of babies born have survived a failed abortion attempt.

Bill HR 962 will ensure that a baby who survives a failed abortion will be given the same medical treatment as any other baby born prematurely at the same age and be admitted immediately to the nearest hospital.

Representative Lamb, I know the leaders of your party do not support this and do not want to have a vote on this. I know you probably don’t want to vote on this because you’ve voiced your full support for ending human life in the womb.

However, backing compassionate, common-ground legislation to protect babies who survive abortion should be the easiest vote you ever cast.

Rep. Lamb, it is not too late. I ask you, take a first step, and stand up to your party bosses and take a stand against infanticide. 

You’ve said before, “I do believe that life begins at conception and I’ve always believed that and I believe it in all cases. However, I also believe in the separation of church and state. And, what we’re running for here is Congress, not Cardinal.”

Rep. Lamb, you are correct that a unique human life with all its new DNA does begin at conception. But that is a scientific fact, not a mere article of faith. I hope you think about that quote often and realize the errors you’ve made.

During the abolition of slavery movement, Congressmen and Cardinals believed black people were human beings who deserved protection of the law. I can assure you, neither protecting young life nor black life violates the establishment clause.

Rep. Lamb, when our country deemed another group of human beings as those which could legally be enslaved and killed, it took both Congressmen and Cardinals to end it.

Now as our country has deemed yet another group of human beings as less than a person whom can be killed, it will again take Cardinals as well as Congressmen. It takes congressmen with the courage to stand up to their own party.

Please, protect all life. Sign on to the discharge petition for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to protect babies born alive during failed abortions.