Big Win for Freedom of Speech and Religious Liberty as Independence Law Center Earns Victory for Student Bible Club

From the desk of Michael Geer, President & CEO – Pennsylvania Family Institute:

I have wonderful news to share. The Independence Law Center earned a great victory in their lawsuit filed on behalf of students in the Christians in Action Bible Club at the Mechanicsburg Area School District.

Today, the Federal District Judge signed an order, which was agreed to by both Parties, that protects the free speech rights and free exercise of religion rights of all students, including the students of this Bible Club to be able to offer Bibles to fellow students during lunch; which the school had prohibited.

We’re thankful that the school has agreed to have the Independence Law Center help rewrite their unconstitutional policies. They will also work to change the student handbooks for Elementary, Middle and High School in order to eliminate their violations of religious liberty and free speech. This is truly a big win.

We thank the students from the Christians In Action Club for having the courage to stand up for their rights. There are four students leaders of this Bible Club, three of them Seniors. With the swift action by the Independence Law Center and the successful challenge to the school’s unconstitutional policy, these three Seniors now can exercise their rights before they graduate.

And we thank YOU because with your support and prayers, the Independence Law Center would not exist to help these students, and so many other students and families, with legal services free-of-charge in order to defend their religious freedom and free speech rights. 

In every case situation, the team at Independence Law Center works diligently to correct injustices without having to go to court. But there are times like this one when it becomes necessary in order to defend core Constitutional rights. And we’re thankful for today’s positive outcome.

If you would like to know more about this particular case, click here for the case summary page on the Independence Law Center website.


Michael Geer
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Family Institute

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