The Iowa Legislature just gave final approval to make Iowa the 21st state to update outdated law that now limit abortion at the first five months in pregnancy (20 weeks). Here’s the growing list of states:

Several other states are working to update their current abortion limits as well:

  • Tennessee: State House passes bill to limit abortion to 20-weeks, 3/28/17.
  • Missouri: House committee passes 20-week abortion ban by 7-1 vote, 3/10/17.
  • Wyoming: HB116 originally included language to limit abortion to viability (“that stage of human development when the embryo or fetus is able to feel pain or to live by natural or life-supportive systems outside the womb of the mother according to appropriate medical judgment.”), later removed before passage, 3/9/17.
  • New Hampshire: HB 578 – “Viable Unborn Protection Act” – passed committee, vote failed on House floor, 3/9/17.
  • Massachusetts: H934 – “an act relative to unborn children” – referred to State Judiciary committee, 1/30/17.
  • Florida: HB203 – “Florida Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” – filed, 1/10/17.
  • Virginia: HB1473 – “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” introduced, 12/12/16.
  • New Jersey: Press Conference – NJ lawmakers push abortion ban after 20 weeks, 12/6/16.

Pennsylvania continues an abortion limit set up in the 1980’s that permits abortion as far as six months into pregnancy (24 weeks). SB3/HB77 would update this limit to the first five months of pregnancy (20 weeks) as well as end the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions.

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