Hersheypark has now made it known that not only do they allow men who self-identify as female into the women’s restrooms but also in women-only changing facilities as well.

It recently became public knowledge that Hersheypark permits people of either biological sex to use sex-specific restrooms. Pennsylvania Family Institute contacted Hersheypark and Kathleen McGraw, Director of Communications with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, to clarify their policy and see if it extends to their waterpark changing areas as well.

Hersheypark confirmed that even though they claim to be a family-friendly park, their current policy is to allow men who self-identify as female to use both women-only bathrooms and changing facilities.

Tell Hersheypark your disappointment with their policy – to email Kathleen McGraw and other top officials, go to tinyurl.com/hersheyparksad. We call on them to recognize that biological sex is the only reason to have separate restrooms and locker rooms to begin with and ask their guests to respect the bodily privacy of others by using the facilities of their biological sex.

TAKE ACTION: tinyurl.com/hersheyparksad


Are you Hersheypark Happy with their new bathroom policy?