Hersheypark is letting men into women’s bathrooms. Tell them your concerns.

May 25, 2016 | 5 comments

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania’s well-known family-oriented theme park, has now made it known that men whom self-identify as female are permitted to use their women-only bathrooms. News outlets across the state covered over the weekend a statement made by Hersheypark that allows guests and employees to use the restroom “with which they gender-identify.” 

Hersheypark’s statement did not clarify if the policy covers the waterpark changing areas as well as ZooAmerica or other Hershey Entertainment facilities. We have reached out to Hershey with specific questions and they have graciously informed us that they would answer our questions soon.

Stay tuned for updates on their response (either at pafamily.org or sign up for e-alerts) but in the meantime, would you please contact Hersheypark with concerns over their bathroom policy?

We have made it easy for you to contact – just click here or go to tinyurl.com/hersheyparksad to send Hersheypark officials an email expressing your concerns.

If they want everyone to be #HersheyparkHappy, Hersheypark can do so by respecting everyone without eliminating privacy rights of anyone.

Are you Hersheypark Happy with their new bathroom policy?