Hersheypark is letting men into women’s bathrooms. Tell them your concerns.

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Hersheypark, Pennsylvania’s well-known family-oriented theme park, has now made it known that men whom self-identify as female are permitted to use their women-only bathrooms. News outlets across the state covered over the weekend a statement made by Hersheypark that allows guests and employees to use the restroom “with which they gender-identify.” 

Hersheypark’s statement did not clarify if the policy covers the waterpark changing areas as well as ZooAmerica or other Hershey Entertainment facilities. We have reached out to Hershey with specific questions and they have graciously informed us that they would answer our questions soon.

Stay tuned for updates on their response (either at pafamily.org or sign up for e-alerts) but in the meantime, would you please contact Hersheypark with concerns over their bathroom policy?

We have made it easy for you to contact – just click here or go to tinyurl.com/hersheyparksad to send Hersheypark officials an email expressing your concerns.

If they want everyone to be #HersheyparkHappy, Hersheypark can do so by respecting everyone without eliminating privacy rights of anyone.

Are you Hersheypark Happy with their new bathroom policy?


Lisa Kurak

Setting aside the feelings of a very small part of the population, you must consider the feelings of the majority. It just isn’t safe to allow men into the women’s bathroom. You open the door to every kind opportunist to abuse women. I and my daughters will not come to your park as long as you have such a policy in place.


How does one make the decision if a man or woman is “LEGIT” in their gender identification? Is there any protocol for this? Will there be security near the bathrooms in case of preditors? Its a shame that the majority of the population have to suffer because of less than 1% of the population!


Just do not understand why this minute percentage of our population is dictating what the majority of us must do , this is wr I no and if you open your restrooms like this we w I ll never go there again. Just like I will never set foot in Target again


We have already seen that the majority does not believe self identifying should take place in restrooms. It sets us up for trouble which has been seen. My family nor friends support this. Predators and rapists will take advantage of any system much less one that welcomes them into a buffet of victims. Putting women and children in physical danger just so others ( less than 1%) feel accepted is not wise. By the way this one act will not make them feel accepted anyways.

Ranay Paton

I am saddened to see that our children n sooo many battered n abused women/children will b again subject to more potential abuse!!! There is also the complicated situation where we r now forced to explain the ‘unexplainable’ to our children!!!! How do u explain to children that a person who looks sounds n dresses like a man is legally a women!!! Please reconsider the safety n mental wellbeing of our children n those who have been abused!!! There is most definitely a safer solution to providing for everyones views in this world without sacrificing the safety of our children n hurting citizens!!!!


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