We just got word of legislation introduced today which will be the most significant pro-life legislation in Pennsylvania this year.

HB 1948 would make two improvements to Pennsylvania abortion laws; which haven’t been updated in over a quarter century:

  • First, HB 1948 would end late-term abortions by updating the legal limit to 20 weeks in pregnancy. The current limit is 24 weeks – the same age the majority of babies would survive on their own. This is due to important medical advances and the increased risk to the health of the mother with late-term abortions.
  • Second, HB 1948 would stop the barbaric dismemberment abortion procedure, which involves ripping the unborn baby apart limb by limb to let bleed to death.

Would you be able to take a minute to send your State Senator and State Representative a message in support of this much-needed legislation? We’ve made it easy for you as well – just click here to send using our Citizen Action Center.

End Late-Term Abortions