PP St Davids permanently closed

Google search results now show this.

As the 40 Days for Life kicks off today, those showing up to the Planned Parenthood in St. Davids, PA, were greeted with a very welcomed surprise. A sign at the entrance says “Planned Parenthood St. Davids closed on September 11” and there’s a ‘For Rent’ sign at the sidewalk.

Planned Parenthood St. Davids is now the third closure for the abortion giant in the state since 2013.

Planned Parenthood has also closed their Carlisle (June 2013) and Collegeville (October 2013) locations. All three of these former facilities were “feeder” sites – a conduit to Pennsylvania’s eleven Planned Parenthood sites performing abortion surgery.

This brings the total up to NINE Pennsylvania closings of abortion facilities since 2012; including both abortion surgical locations or Planned Parenthood “feeder” sites. Five abortion surgical sites closed as a direct result of new state policy mandating regular inspections and facility conditions; sparked by the uncovering of the “House of Horrors” abortion clinic in Philadelphia by the now-convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell. Those closed clinics were Allentown Medical Services, American Women’s Services, UPMC Magee, Allegheny Women’s Center – Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Physicians.

In addition to the three Planned Parenthood closings, the Integrity Family Health in Philadelphia – another attempt by the notorious abortionist Steven Brigham to run an abortion clinic – was ordered to close in November 2013.

Pennsylvania is currently months overdue in passing a state budget. That means there is still time to contact state officials and ask they end all taxpayer funding to the abortion giant. Given its massive participation in abortion and in light of the recent public revelations of unethical and possibly illegal activity, Planned Parenthood should not be paid with our taxdollars.

To view a free report on the state of abortion in Pennsylvania, visit www.AbortionisPersonal.com.