Today, in the Philly Inquirer, our friends at Susan B. Anthony List in D.C. highlight a new report showing good news for those with Down syndrome – extended life span, other physical treatments to improve quality of life, etc. Read the article. Unfortunately, many parents choose to abort after receiving a prenatal diagnosis partly due to a lack of information about Down syndrome.

[…] parents of U.S. infants diagnosed as having Down syndrome are aborting them at a rate of 67 percent to 85 percent, depending on the study. This tragic situation need not be.


We can assure that parents are able to give free and fully informed consent to the testing in the first place. We can provide them with accurate, unbiased information upon the diagnosis of a disability, either prenatally or upon birth.

Thankfully, here in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Family Institute helped to pass “Chloe’s Law,” named for Chloe Kondrich, a young girl from Pittsburgh. This law now aids Pennsylvania parents and families by providing relevant information upon the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.