No doubt you’ve read our warnings about two pieces of legislation being considered by our state senate and state house.

Since June when a single federal judge overturned Pennsylvania’s marriage law declaring it unconstitutional, there has been a renewed push to grant special status in law to “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in Pennsylvania.

If House Bill 300 or Senate Bill 300 become law, legitimate distinctions and choices made by people of faith and goodwill will be deemed immoral and prohibited by the state. Good people should not be treated as outlaws because of their beliefs. We must not permit this trampling of religious freedom and freedom of conscience to occur.

A new Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story carries a great point from our field director, Brandon McGinley. But take note of what follows:

The chief bill sponsor of HB300, Rep. Dan Frankel (D-Pgh) not only dismisses our concerns outright but thinks our voice (that’s YOUR voice) does not deserve to be heard!

“We oppose the bill wholesale. In the end, it still introduces sexual orientation and gender identity into the law,” said Brandon McGinley, the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s field director for the Western region. “Any supported religious exemption would be so anemic that it would be ineffective.”

“The fact that they don’t even want to have the conversation. … I don’t even think the Family Institute has a place at the table,” responded Mr. Frankel. “To not even concede that perhaps this type of discrimination is not something we should embrace? They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

The truth is: HB 300/SB300 is a poorly worded bill that would put ministries, businesses and families at risk.

Tell your State Senator and your State Representative to Oppose HB300 and SB300.