by Elijah Coryell, intern, PA Family Institute

Last Thursday, over 2,000 attendees rallied and marched on the U.S. Supreme Court to take a stand for the traditional definition of marriage. For a second year, the March for Marriage, planned by the National Organization for Marriage, succeeded in sending a message to Washington: The people are in favor of strong families, and that only comes from marriage between one man and one woman.

Attendees formed a wide cross-section of Americans, with representation from African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, Catholics and Evangelicals, young and old—demonstrating again, as event speaker and ADF attorney Austin Nimock reminded us, that “marriage is not an issue that belongs to any person or party … it is a human issue – it belongs to all of us.”

The supporters were bolstered by a series of speakers, marriage-champions such as former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, former Arizona Governor Mike Huckabee, and many others. The prevailing theme at the rally was a cry for public policy to return to a place where it is informed and sanctioned by Biblical morality. However, it was also common to hear the refraining call for a practical public policy—where the law recognizes what social science already does: the indispensable roles of both a mother and a father in the development of our nation’s children.

Although speakers acknowledged set-backs in the fight for traditional marriage, they were quick to pronounce encouragement and exhort the crowd to speak up for marriage, wherever they are. It will not be enough to simply preserve the legal definition of marriage. We must be active in establishing a new culture of marriage, where children are once again returned to the keystone position.

Promote marriage as the union of husband and wife in the keystone state by: