In remembrance of President Ronald Reagan – who passed away ten years ago today – here are a few of his thoughts on the importance of marriage and the family:

“It is up to families to preserve and pass on to each succeeding generation the values that we most cherish.”

“Our concept of the family must also withstand the trends of lifestyle and legislation.”

Family is….

  1. “The most basic and important unit of society”
  2. “The nucleus of civilization”
  3. “The cornerstone of American society”
  4. “The engine of social progress”
  5. “The very foundation of freedom”


“The government should first and foremost do no harm to the family.”

On Marriage:

“We must teach youngsters the beauty of the loving lifelong relationship between husband and wife that is marriage.” (Jan. 12, 1989)

“What can each of us do as a father, daughter, mother, son or grandparent to strengthen this divine institution?”