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Pa. voters spurn candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood

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This first appeared as a Letter to the Editor in the Patriot News.

The people of Pennsylvania continue to prove during elections that if a candidate is endorsed by Planned Parenthood — our state’s largest abortion provider — they’re … Read more

Listen: Chief Counsel Randall Wenger on the Marriage decision

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Randall Wenger, chief counsel for Pennsylvania Family Institute, appeared last Saturday, May 24th on the Spotlight Radio Program with Greg Barton.

Wenger talked about last week’s Federal court ruling overturning Pennsylvania’s marriage law, and Governor Corbett’s decision not to appeal … Read more

ATTN: Gov Corbett: Marriage is Key Issue for Voters

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Our friend Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, took note of Gov. Corbett’s recent decision to drop the case of defending Pennsylvania’s marriage law that states that marriage is between one man and one woman. Yep, there went … Read more

Dismayed with Gov. Corbett’s Decision

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Failure to Keep Fighting Further Silences the People’s Voice

(Harrisburg, PA)  The Pennsylvania Family Institute expressed disappointment and dismay today at the decision of Gov. Tom Corbett not to appeal yesterday’s decision by United States District Judge John E. Jones … Read more

Contact Corbett: “Keep fighting – please appeal!”

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Take Action! Contact Governor Corbett and ask him to appeal the decision to redefine marriage in Pennsylvania and ask the court to prevent issuance of licenses to same-sex couples while the case is on appeal. You can call him at … Read more

PFI Disagrees with Court Decision Redefining Marriage in Pennsylvania

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Decision Undermines Family, Challenges Liberty & Diminishes Respect for the Law

Harrisburg, PA – Despite today’s decision by United States District Judge John E. Jones III, the Pennsylvania Family Institute reaffirms its conviction that the long-standing definition of marriage between … Read more

Today is Election Day – are you ready?

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Your vote is your voice, and your right to vote is a privilege, one of the precious freedoms many have fought and died to protect. It should not be taken for granted. Voting allows you the opportunity to have a … Read more

Don’t be surprised at the ballot box

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Would you hire an employee without first looking at their resume? Of course not. So why would you vote for a candidate without first knowing where they stand on the issues? 

The Pennsylvania Family Institute Primary Election Voter’s Guide lets … Read more

Online Primary Election Voter’s Guide Now Available!

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Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Primary Election Voter’s Guide is now available for download on our website:


ALL CANDIDATES: • Governor • Lieutenant Governor

CANDIDATES FOR CONTESTED RACES ONLY: • U.S. House of Representatives (Congress) • State Senate … Read more

Warning to PA Legislators: Internet Gambling Has Been a Flop

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New Jersey has a $148 Million Hole in its Budget Because of Internet Gambling. What Does that Mean for Pennsylvania?

Washington, D.C.— Ahead of the report by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, which will analyze the possible impact of … Read more