by Kate Boyle

According to a new report commissioned by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the United States is among just seven countries that permit elective abortions for unborn babies who are above twenty weeks old. China and North Korea also join the U.S. on this list – two nations known around the world for their human rights violations.

China’s infamous One Child Policy employs forced abortions in order to maintain population control; while in North Korea, abortions are used to keep the ethnicity of the nation pure.

The CLI report studied almost 200 countries with populations of one million or more. 140 countries have laws in place that protect unborn babies to some extent. A variety of other nations allow elective abortions but there are at least some protective limits in place.

CLI President Chuck Donovan, in his article “Winning the Abortion Olympics”, stated that the United States would have received a silver medal in liberal abortion policies. That we allow the death of infants at any stage is intolerable, but the fact that abortions are able to be legally performed when an infant is capable of feeling the pain of their death is outrageous.

There is no way to obtain an accurate account of how many late-term abortions are performed each year because of the vagueness of the statistics and lack of reporting; however, it is likely to total at least 12,000 or more.

Donovan explains that, according to Guttmacher Institute, 23 percent of United States abortionists will offer abortion after 20 weeks and 11 percent will offer abortion after 24 weeks. Based on those statistics, nearly a 25 percent of abortionists are killing late-term babies – an unacceptable statistic.

Late-term abortion ban proposals continue to circulate in many states throughout the country. Currently just nine states ban abortion after 20 weeks.