There are many false statements being spread by some pro-abortion lawmakers about House Bill 1890, which recently passed the PA House in a bipartisan vote. These claims are being made by several pro-abortion lawmakers like State Representatives Dan Frankel and Wendy Ullman, who made national headlines for her callous comments in the committee vote on this bill, including that “an early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin.” This false information continues being spread by abortion extremists groups like Planned Parenthood.

Despite what they say, here’s some facts about House Bill 1890:

False Claim #1: HB1890 requires a ritual burial or cremation.

Truth: No ritual or service (religious or not) is required. Parents are not required to be involved. HB 1890 requires the healthcare facilities to arrange for the burial or cremation of the deceased child, just as they do with other human remains.

False Claim #2: HB1890 requires women to fill out a death certificate in cases of miscarriage or abortion.

Truth: No death certificate is required by this legislation for loss of life by miscarriage or abortion. Some pro-abortion lawmakers have suggested concern about a “state-run database” but privacy concerns of a “database” are unfounded. The bill clearly states that Vital Records Law requires that any patient information shall remain confidential and shall not be subject to public disclosure.

False Claim #3: HB1890 intrudes on women and is an unnecessary, non-medical practice.

Truth: Health care facilities already dispose of a baby’s body at 16 weeks or later. This is not intrusive but the proper way to treat a baby lost to a miscarriage or an abortion. A human being lost to a miscarriage or abortion before 16 weeks is still a human being and should necessitate the same dignity and respect.

House Bill 1890 would show respect to human life by providing for the proper disposition of a baby that is miscarried or aborted in any health care facility. The lead sponsor of HB 1890, Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), introduced the bill because of the loss of his own unborn child. He wants all unborn children to be given the respect and dignity of proper care (even in death), rather than discarded with bodily fluids, organs, tissue, and other medical waste.

Please contact your State Senator and ask for their support of HB1890. To email, go to