Another Clinic Closes (and it’s a Planned Parenthood), 8th clinic closing in PA since 2012

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If you go to the website listed for the Collegeville Planned Parenthood clinic, you’ll find this message: “The following error occurred while running this page…Health center information is unavailable at this time.”

That’s because the clinic officially shut their doors effective Oct. 30, 2013.

The closed Collegeville Planned Parenthood now makes at least EIGHT clinic closings in Pennsylvania since 2012 (two from Planned Parenthood).

Five abortion clinics closed as a direct result of the new state policy mandating regular inspections and conditions in abortion clinics following the horrific uncovering of the West Philadelphia abortion clinic and the now-convicted-murderer Kermit Gosnell. Those clinics were Allentown Medical Services (formerly run by Steven Brigham), American Women’s Services, UPMC Magee, Allegheny Women’s Center – Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Physicians. For more about the purpose of this new policy, the role PFI played in and how the policy came close to never happening – can be found here:

Another Planned Parenthood clinic – the Carlisle Health Center – closed on June 17, 2013. The now two Planned Parenthood PA closings were “feeder” clinics – a conduit to Planned Parenthood abortion mills. But it is still a positive sign to see less Planned Parenthood clinics throughout our communities.

The Integrity Family Health in Philadelphia – another attempt by abortionist Steven Brigham to run an abortion clinic – was ordered to close last November. Brigham does not have a state medical license after he was banned in 2010 from operating or controlling any abortion clinics due to violations that endangered the public.

As we approach another March for Life, may it be known to all Pennsylvanians fighting for the rights of unborn life: be encouraged and celebrate life!

To find a March for Life bus leaving near you, go to

Protect Life. Preserve the Future. Pennsylvania Family Institute


Ms. S

I came across the PFI looking through an advertisement for a panel discussion. As a previous resident of PA, I was interested in what this institute was about. After reading through your website and blog, especially this recent post, I’m dismayed. Nearly ever post is a comment in the context of removing services and laws and amendments. What about pro-life activities that add something to our society? Why can I find no initiatives about adding daycare facilities or counseling services for at risk families and mothers? Maybe I have overlooked a section of your website and posts, and any links to such efforts would be greatly appreciated. But all in all I disappointed by the overwhelming “tear-down” culture.

Rita Smith, M.E.V.

Thank you for sharing this awesome news of the closing of Collegeville Planned Parenthood.

We have held a total of 12 prayer vigils with the 40 Days for Life and “To God Be The Glory!!!”

The 40 Days for Life Prayer Warrior’s and surrounding churches will be signing up for the 2014 Spring 40 Days for Life at Norristown’s Planned Parenthood. to sign-up to SAVE LIVES!


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