by Tom Shaheen, V.P. for Policy, Pennsylvania Family Institute

There are about a dozen states that require that ultrasound images be offered to women seeking abortions, before the procedure is performed.

Here in Pennsylvania, we do not currently have such a requirement. Here, an ultrasound bill was introduced last session by Rep. Kathy Rapp, R-Warren, and other key members of the House pro-life caucus and quickly gained more than 100 co-sponsors. But the abortion lobby and its allies on the political left – many even from out-of-state – went on the attack and intimidated otherwise well-meaning legislators from moving ahead, for now.

The real “war on women” (the slogan used in the Left’s campaign) happens every time a lie is used to persuade or coerce girls and women that abortion is no different from any other routine medical procedure. Never mind that half of abortions take the lives of live, unborn, developing females. Contrary to the hype generated by those actually IN the abortion business, namely Planned Parenthood, and those who take their political cues from the abortion lobby — this is sound public policy.  Here’s why:

“Informed choice” legislation does not impede a woman’s ability to choose abortion. Such laws enlighten the abortion choice by making clear exactly what it is that is being chosen.

For more, you’ll need to read the rest of this excellent Public Discourse column by law professor Michael Stokes Paulsen. It’s long but makes perfect sense in a cultural and political world where too many people – including our leaders and lawmakers – make important policy decisions based on no more than cute sound bites.