If you haven’t heard yet about the bill being fast-tracked by some PA House Democrats that would “redefine freedom” you need to read this full post. While makers of the bill attempt to claim it’s a simple bill, the reality is it would create a host of negative consequences.

Here are just three of those consequences, as said by co-sponsors of the legislation.

1. HB300 would force doctors to prescribe puberty blockers and perform “sex-reassignment” surgeries.

2. HB 300 would force women’s shelters to accept biological males.

3. HB300 would “redefine freedom” by forcing people to use someone’s preferred pronouns.

Sadly, these are not the only harms HB300 would cause. Laws like this proposal bill have removed a significant number of freedoms in other states. Here are three more areas that are threatened by House Bill 300:

  1. Religious schools and ministries facing lawsuits for hiring based on their shared mission. It’s happened to Catholic Schools in states like Massachusetts that have a HB300-type law. Here in Pennsylvania, the City of Philadelphia targeted Catholic Charities, ending their foster care and adoption ministry in city limits, based on Philadelphia’s HB300-type law.
  2. Women and young girls being forced to use women-only spaces with biological males, including locker rooms, dorms, overnight school trips and athletic competitions. In states like Maine, courts have ruled to force school districts to permit boys using the girl’s locker room and bathrooms based on a HB300-type law.
  3. Force creatives to make messages that go against their beliefs. People like cake-artist Jack Phillips are being targeted for lawsuits because of a statewide law just like the proposed HB300.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your State Representative and State Senator TODAY and ask for a NO vote on Rep. Kenyatta’s harmful House Bill 300. Click here to email.