by Tom Shaheen, V.P. Pennsylvania Family Institute

(whose personal favorite on this list is no. 6: Men have a right to be pro-life.)

In “11 Things Pro-choicers Don’t Get,” attorney Kristi Burton Brown really nailed it with this message that everyone should read. If you’re anything like me, you have already read or heard these typical “pro-choice” messages (including some pithy enough to put on those protest signs at your state capitol).
My advice:
Keep these 11 points in mind as a Truth Filter next time- and graciously point out the truth – in a letter to the editor, in a note or visit to your elected officials, with college-age youth in your church, or in an over-the-fence conversation with your neighbors.

Here are the first 3. Click here for all 11.

1. It’s not about choice, it’s about abortion.
2. Abortion DOES hurt women.
3. Level of development and ability don’t determine worth.