11 Reasons to Celebrate

Nov 5, 2014 | 1 comment

How about some good news?

The 2014 elections are over. While pro-life, pro-family conservatives are celebrating a wave of victories in states across the country, you may be wondering what happened here in Pennsylvania.

 While the historic re-election loss of Gov. Corbett combined with the election of Tom Wolf are bad news for the cause of protecting the unborn and religious liberty, there’s still good news to report!

You’ve heard us say it before: Elections Matter. They matter to the type of culture in which we live, raise our families, earn our livelihoods, and worship God.

The men and women we elect to public office will help to determine the kind of state Pennsylvania becomes not just for the next two or four years, but potentially far beyond that.  It’s an incredible privilege to have a say in this process.

 And that’s why – on your behalf – the Pennsylvania Family Council engaged in several State House races, strategically chosen largely because they were very close races where there was a clear contrast between the candidates on core social values issues — sanctity of life, marriage and family, religious freedom.

 The results?  11 wins. 0 losses. The candidates we supported won in 11 out of 11 races for seats in the State House. Better yet, in six of those races, the candidates won againstcandidates endorsed by abortion giant, Planned Parenthood! Only three incumbent Representatives – two endorsed by Planned Parenthood – lost their bid for re-election. We invested in all three races.

And we have many of you reading this E-mail to thank for those victories. You held voter registrations in your churches, used our Voter’s Guides, encouraged others to get out to vote, helped your local pro-life/pro-family candidates and most importantly, prayed, then voted your values.

 In fact, you were part of a statewide network of supporters and churches that helped distribute 100,000 of our printed voter guides and joined the thousands of citizens who used our online, personalized Voter Guide at PAFAMILYVOTER.COM. Thank you!

We look forward to partnering with you as we remain vigilant in the new legislative session beginning in January 2015. We’ll communicate with you on ways to pray for our leaders; alert you of important legislation and votes; and engage with you in making a difference in the next election cycle.

 But there are real challenges ahead. While there are now pro-family majorities in our State House and State Senate, there’s much work to be done. Our next governor has staked out positions in support of unrestricted abortion (endorsed by Planned Parenthood); special status for “sexual orientation” policies that threaten religious freedoms, against parental choices in education, against marriage and traditional values.

 You can help us today to prepare for the new legislature in 2015 and for the 2016 elections. We need your help to do that. The foundation for the 2016 elections really starts now. Your generous donation today will have a great impact on the future of our families.