By: Dan Bartkowiak

I just came from the Capitol in Harrisburg. A press conference was held this morning to announce a new court challenge aiming to redefine marriage for every Pennsylvanian. It is a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act – the one law that protects marriage in our state.

There were a few comments made by those bringing the lawsuit that were striking to me:

1.) “We have the clear support of a majority of PA and America.”

If there was in fact clear support, why do you need a lawsuit to usurp the will of the people? Why would you be so adamant against a public Referendum in Pennsylvania if there is support for redefining marriage?

All bias aside, you must conclude that clear support of marriage between husband and wife is found in the vast majority of citizens and states. We see this through the 31 states with constitutional amendments -voted ultimately by the people –  and 38 states – including Pennsylvania – that define marriage policy as the union of husband and wife.

2.) “Love, family and commitment are the cornerstone of marriage.”

While those are attributes of a healthy marriage, the cornerstone of marriage has always been the union of a man and a woman. A loving mother and father caring for each other and any children they bear is the bedrock of society and the public purpose for defining marriage.

3.) “I finally get to see my same-sex family legitimized.”

Providing legitimacy is not an adequate reason for radically redefining such an important institution. Also, current Pennsylvania marriage law does not prohibit relationships between consenting adults or stop legal contracts between couples. It does not stop anyone from living with whomever they choose.

We treat marriage between husband and wife uniquely because it’s the relationship that offers the best way we can promote children being raised by their mom and dad.

In March of this year our team was part of the defense in a Philadelphia court against a challenge to our marriage law. We await a ruling in that case. Now we add yet another threat to marriage in PA. One act of judicial activism can bring a fate similar to the citizens in Iowa upon us – a radical redefinition of marriage.

It’s time for marriage supporters to fervently pray for the protection of marriage in our state and to bolster efforts in support for the benefits of marriage between husband and wife – from speaking out about the topic on Facebook to writing a letter to your local newspaper to financially donating to help us defend against these lawsuits. The ACLU is fighting “with every resource they can.” We must do the same.