by Tom Shaheen, VP, PA Family Institute

Virginia has rejected ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) taxpayer funding of abortion. Yesterday, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in partnership with the Virginia state legislature passed an amendment banning insurers from accepting abortion funding in the new federal ObamaCare exchange being set up in the state.

I’m sure you’ll agree – most people do NOT want their tax dollars to pay for abortion. Obamacare tries to do that through the back door of using the mandated insurance “Exchanges”  to take your and my tax dollars to pay for others’ abortion.

There is legislation right now being considered in Harrisburg that would – like Virginia’s new law – keep abortion out of Pennsylvania’s Obamcare health exchanges.

But your state senator and state representative need to hear from you to get it passed. Tell them SUPPORT SENATE BILL 3 AND HOUSE BILL 818.

April 15 is Tax Day, a good day to tell our officials: No taxes for abortion.