Share With Your Church. It’s Easy!

Oct 4, 2012 | 0 comments is Live! YOUR online Voter’s Guide is here. Help Spread the Word.

Announcement – ready for YOUR church bulletins, E-mails and Facebook! Start this Sunday. . . only 30 days left til Election Day.

Please consider running this announcement in your Church Bulletin – beginning this week – to announce a new resource that could help folks in your congregation in at least three ways:
1. Remind people of the importance of voting.
2. Serve people by providing information they need on candidates, including local races that are important but don’t get much publicity.
3. Give Christians the confidence to get out to vote on November 6th.

Thank you!

Get Informed and Vote on Nov. 6th. Log onto, a free, easy-to-use Voter’s Guide from the Pennsylvania Family Council to help you cut through the political spin and get the facts about the candidates on critical issues affecting our families, our faith and our freedoms. Visit today and be sure to share on E-mail or Facebook. Let’s practice good stewardship by taking part in this special right and civic responsibility by getting out to vote on November 6th.