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Hopefully you have already marked your calendar on Tuesday November 4th as Election Day.

It is critical for families across Pennsylvania to get out and vote your values. To do so, we need to do the best we can at being informed on where candidates stand on fighting for our values.

That’s where comes in – an online voter guide providing the best research on each candidate; free of charge. We know weeding through candidates can be daunting. That is why we have included research that makes these candidates more transparent.

Access the voter guide and see:

  • Ratings from conservative and liberal organizations
  • Donations to and from the candidate
  • Endorsements
  • Candidate website
  • Candidate surveys

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Input your mailing address to allow us to provide you with a personalized guide for candidates on your ballot.

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Election Day is coming fast! The most important right we have as Americans is our right to vote! Remind others of the importance of voting by sharing

Can we count on you to read this voter guide and to share it with family, friends and co-workers? Thank you for doing so and helping to make a difference with your vote this election.


Your Voice. Your Values. Your Vote.

November 4th – Election Day


We are glad to make this resource available free of charge. If you would life to support this effort financially, we would greatly appreciate your partnership. You may make a secure donation on our website by clicking here or call our office at 1-800-FAMILY-1.