by Tom Shaheen

It’s widely reported that President Obama now says he supports re-defining marriage as we know it, to allow two men or two women to use the societal stamp of approval that we call Marriage. Trouble is, it’s more than just a stamp of approval. It would be a radical change in the way that we as a society, carried out by our government at all levels, treat marriage and the more than 1,000 laws and regulations that go with it. It would change the way we treat marriages, divorces, spouses, children, taxes, contracts, inheritance, health care, privacy laws, lawsuits, housing, rentals, employers and employees, churches, youth groups, ministries, parent-teacher associations, public and private schools, and the list goes on. And don’t forget that once something is legal, then the heavy hand (or hammer!) of government is designed to mandate/force/punish/coerce to enforce the new rules.

Still think government should or could “get out of the marriage business” by legalizing so-called same-sex marriage?

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