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Great News for Religious Liberty in NYC Today!

February 16, 2012 | No comments | Posted in Politics | Tags: ,

A great victory today in Federal Court in New York. Alliance Defense Fund attorney Jordan Lorence won a temporary restraining order allowing churches and other houses of worship to continue meeting in NYC schools for two more weeks, with hope … Read more

Contraception Mandate is about Religious Freedom, Not Contraception

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President Obama’s mandate that Catholic organizations must provide free birth control to their employees is a violation of their religious freedom. His “compromise” is not a compromise at all.

Here’s what Chuck Colson has to say about it:

 why does … Read more

School Choice – So You Can Decide What Your Child Eats for Lunch

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Now the government wants to tell you what you should feed your children for lunch? Is this communist China?

A mother in Hoke County complains her daughter was forced to eat a school lunch because a government inspector determined her … Read more

162 Reasons to Marry

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Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but in going with that theme, here are 162 reasons to marry from Family Research Council.

Read more…Read more

Are You Registered to Vote?

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Are you registered to vote? Get the information you need by clicking here.… Read more

Congressmen Protest President’s Birth Control Mandate

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A large group of U.S. Congressmen has sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius blasting the administration’s “unprecedented overreach” against the religious freedom of countless Christian schools, hospitals, and charities by forcing them to … Read more

Report Outlining Planned Parenthood Fraud Presented to Congress

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From Alliance Defense Fund:

The Alliance Defense Fund Tuesday officially made public its report to Congress identifying waste, abuse, and potential fraud by Planned Parenthood affiliates across the nation that may amount to multiple millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer … Read more

9th Circuit Court Finds California’s Proposition 8 Unconstitutional, State’s Marriage Laws in Jeopardy, Appeal to US Supreme Court

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Bad news today for citizens, marriage.

The Ninth Circuit voted 2-1 in favor of San Francisco federal court judge Vaughn Walker’s controversial ruling in 2010 that Proposition 8 violates the 14th amendment of the US Constitution. The case is widely … Read more

Ultrasound Bill Passes Health Committee

February 7, 2012 | No comments | Posted in Health, Life, Politics | Tags: , , ,

The PA House Health Committee passed House Bill 1077, the Woman’s Right to Know Act, with a vote of 15-7 (Republicans and Democrats). The bill now heads to the full House for a vote.

View the roll call here. If … Read more

Thank Your Legislator for Making 2012 The Year of the Bible

February 6, 2012 | No comments | Posted in Family, Politics | Tags: , , ,

Late last month, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution to declare 2012 “The Year of the Bible.” This is a statement from Rep. Rick Saccone, the sponsor of the resolution:

“As not only Pennsylvania, but the United … Read more