Religious Liberty & Free Speech Over Christmas Party Invitation

Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Independence Law Center and attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund were in court again this morning here in Pennsylvania fighting for your religious liberty and free speech.

The case involves an elementary school student at the Pocono Mountain School District in Pennsylvania who was told by school officials that she could not invite classmates to a Christmas party at her church. We’ve gone to bat for this little girl, and for the principles involved.  Our liberty is at stake.

Sometimes when the government is confronted with the unconstitutional and frankly preposterous nature of their restrictions they quickly back down and change their policies—and no court action is necessary.

Here, Federal Judge Richard Caputo had already ruled once in favor the elementary school student, but the school district pushed back, arguing that they need the power to place restrictions because such invitations can create a “disturbance in the community.”  Really?
This is a case where government doesn’t understand its appropriate limits. However, lawyers with the Independence Law Center and Alliance Defense Fund were available for this case—and plan to continue their involvement as long as necessary.

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