Are we surprised?

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Are we surprised that inspections at two more Philadelphia-area abortion centers uncovered atrocious, unsanitary conditions? No. We expect more revelations. Are we surprised that “pro-choice” politicians are still trying to protect the abortion industry? No. It’s part and parcel of their practices, and pro-lifers must band together to say “no more!”

Our state government’s special “bubble of protection” for the abortion industry over the past fifteen plus years has allowed horrific practices, including murder, the abuse of women and standards of medical care not fit for a third-world country. It’s going to take a while to fully discover the many wrongs that have been committed in the name of “choice” and “access.”

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Melissa Huang

If women aren’t granted access to safe abortions, more women will be forced to find help in dangerous clinics such as these. Women go to these unsanitary clinics because they are often the only places that will provide late term abortions, are in their price range, or are the only places available in the area. Sometimes this is because anti-abortion rights extremists pressure providers to leave the area through threats and intimidation.

Do you really think that further limiting women’s options is a good decision? What you’re proposing won’t preserve life, by putting the “lives” of fetuses above the lives of women you’re causing more deaths.

The crazy thing is, whether one is anti-abortion rights or pro-abortion rights, everyone agrees that these clinics are a bad thing. Yet people are taking this and twisting the facts to support their political and religious beliefs.

Melinda Rae

I disagree – the facts speak for themselves, there are no “back alley” abortion clinics that need to hide to “help” women – abortion is legal here – we wanted it, we got it. We should now look deeply into what we got. Sad, so very sad.

Melissa Huang

Yes, the fact that we as a society have been unnecessarily stigmatizing abortion for so long, that although there is separation of church and state we still force our personal religion on others, that there are those who are willing to murder and harass abortion providers making it much more difficult to safely run a clinic or safely receive an abortion, those facts do speak for themselves.

If you don’t like abortions, don’t get one. Just don’t force your religion on the rest of us.


There’s nothing religious about accountability, Melissa. No one’s forcing anything on you. The post is just about how the clinics aren’t safe and how we shouldn’t be surprised.

Melissa Huang

Well, the underlying message of this post is that unsafe clinics exist, therefore abortion is always dangerous and immoral, therefore abortion should be illegal.

Those who are anti-choice usually are motivated by religion. I’m sorry for jumping to the conclusion that that’s what motivated the poster and Melinda, but it’s more likely than not. If that is why they think that women should not have access to abortions than that would be a case of them trying to force their religion upon others. If their main motivation is something else, well, unsafe clinics are still a result of the stigmatization of abortion and pressuring abortion providers and receivers.

I probably won’t check or respond to this post anymore, I don’t think that anti-choice messages really deserve more attention. I apologize if that means I miss out on responses with more substance than this article.


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