Earlier this week, Governor Tom Corbett announced strict new regulations on abortion clinics in Pennsylvania, and the firings of a number of Pennsylvania department of health and department of state employees for their part in the Philadelphia abortion clinic scandal.

Yes, these new regulations are strict – but really only in comparison to the lax way abortion clinics have been regulated and inspected over the last 15-years or so – under Governors Ridge and Rendell. In fact, there was virtually no oversight or inspections of abortion clinics in Pennsylvania at all during that time, and reports of wrongdoing or improper care were ignored or swept under the rug. In actuality, the regulations Governor Corbett has imposed – simply match those that other outpatient surgical centers have been subject to for decades.

The abortion industry has long been given a pass by “pro-choice” politicians and bureaucrats. Thankfully, our new pro-life governor is taking swift action. Let’s encourage our legislature to follow suit.