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Florida Quarterback Leaves Reporters Speechless: “Yes I am” Saving Myself for Marriage John Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews (30 July, 2009) -Being a big participant in the atheltic world myself, I have to say, Quarterback Tebow (a nominee for the Heisman Trophy) has made quite a statement.  Not many athletes, Christians included, are willing to be so boldfaced.  As news reporters surrounded him at the podium with questions and cameras, one reporter asked whether or not Tebow was ‘saving himself’ for marriage.  And without hesitation, Tebow answered yes.  Then after experiencing the first moment of silence in a crowded room, Tebow said, “I think y’all were stunned by that.  Y’all can’t even ask a question. Wow. I mean, I was ready for that question. I don’t think y’all were.”

Obama’s Science Czar: Babies Aren’t Humans Until They’ve Been Socialized FRC Blog via RightWingNews (29 July, 2009) -“A large part of the horror of abortion lies in the monstrous presumption of liberals declaring that human life begins not at conception, but whenever they say it does. Maybe that’s six weeks, maybe six months. Maybe it’s years. Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren (the guy who wanted to put a sterilizing agent in our drinking water) gives us an idea of how slippery this slope can get. From his book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions, via Patterico’s Pontifications:

The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being.