Does Pennsylvania need a constitutional amendment to protect marriage from redefinition? Since legislation died in ’06, much has happened in other states that should put us on notice! And the answer is YES, we need to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment to protect the favored status that our Commonwealth affords to marriage-as-we-know it. And, we need to do it before an activist court forces our elected leaders to elevate gay partners to marriage status as in Massachusetts, Vermont, NJ and now even in the heartland of Iowa!

Take special note of this quote from a State Senate Leader in the Iowa legislature back on Dec. 14, 2005! (from the Quad City Times)
Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs . . . questioned the wisdom of moving forward with a constitutional amendment simply because a lawsuit has been filed. . . . “I’m pretty confident that the court is going to uphold the state law,” Gronstal said.

Of course, we now know that last year county Judge Robert Hanson struck down Iowa’s 1998 Defense of Marriage Act (like PA’s) as unconstitutional and ordered Polk County to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples!

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