What we’re reading:

YouTube Bans Student Group’s Video Showing Abuse at Planned Parenthood, Group Protests Politically Motivated Censorship Lila Rose, Christian NewsWire (21 July, 2009) -In Montgomery, Alabama, the “Live Action” lobbying group against Planned Parenthood caught Planned Parenthood failing to truly enforce the laws on video.  “In the video, a Planned Parenthood staffer named ‘Tanisha’ tells Rose, posing as a 14-year-old impregnated by her 31-year-old ‘ boyfriend,’ that ‘whatever you tell us stays within these walls.’ “ Watch the video to see how the staffer promises to keep the illegal relationship between a 14-year-old and a 31-year-old secret.

The Embryo as Human Being: A Scientific Case by Robert P. George George, Condic, Lee; American Principles Project (20 July, 2009) -“Modern human embryology and developmental biology have shown that fertilization produces a new and distinct organism: a living individual of the human species in the embryonic stage of his or her development.”  Some arguments have been made that the human embryo is “equivilant” to the somatic (normal) body cell.  However this can easily be proved false by the distinctly different results that occur when a somatic cell is placed in the prepared uterus of a woman.  Nothing happens.  Yet in comparison, an amazing wonder occurs from the simple placement of a human embryo ( “a self developing (though immature) human organism”), a human being begins to grow.

Christian Nurse Forced to Assist in Late-Term Abortion Jennifer Riley, Christian Post (23 July, 2009) -In New York, a Catholic Nurse was forced to assist in an abortion under the threat of losing her job. “Requiring a devout, Catholic nurse to participate in a late-term abortion in order to remain employed is illegal, unethical, and violates her rights of conscience,” says a representative from the Alliance Defense Fund who will pursue this case to fight its injustice.

Pastor, Censored Before State House, to Pray Before State Senate Erin James, Evening Sun – On July 29, “The Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos will be praying to Jesus in front of Pennsylvania legislators after all. He previously declined to pray before the State House after he was told by Speaker McCall’s staff that he needed to remove a reference to Jesus.”

State Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Porn in State Prisons Mark Scolforo, CentreDaily (20 July, 2009) – A sex offender’s bid to overturn the state prison system’s pornography ban was ended by the state Supreme Court, which sided unanimously with the Department of Corrections.

City on the Hill Video Updates -This past week was Pennsylvania Family Institute’s 9th annual City on the Hill.  High school students come from all over Pennsylvania to learn about the legislative process, the current issues in politics and how to be a “witness that will change the world.” At the end of the camp one student said, “I realized that I can’t just blend into the world, and it is a privilege to witness for God.”  Another student said, “I think that this has been one of the most influential weeks in my life concerning politics and my faith.” Follow the above link to hear more thoughts from the students and to take a better look at City on the Hill’s daily agenda.