What we’re reading:

Memory Forms at 30 Weeks in the Womb Forbes (15 July, 2009) -With a “vibroacoustic stimulator, which leads to combined stimulus of vibration and sound,” doctors observes the fetus’ change in response after the fetus becomes “habituated” to the stimuli.  *Life is in the womb.

CNBC airs a “family special” entitled ‘Porn: Business of Pleasure’ Robert Peters, ChristianNewsWire (15 July, 2009) -According to promotional material on CNBC’s website, CNBC intended to take a “behind the scenes look inside the multi-billion dollar porn businesses.”                              -Peters points out that pronography industries and the general public seem to believe that there are no laws being broken with pronography.  Continuing he says, it is this “ignorance of the law [that] may indeed explain why some seemingly reasonable people turn a blind eye to the problem of ‘adult pornography.’ The truth is, however, that criminal laws prohibiting distribution of obscene material have been on the books at the federal level since 1842 (and before that at the state level), and in the 1973 Miller v. California case the U.S. Supreme Court said: ‘This much has been categorically settled by the Court, that obscene material is unprotected by the First Amendment.’  Pornography and all that comes with it does not have to legal and can still be contested.

Sen. Casey Votes for Pro-Life Amendments, and Pro-Abortion Healthcare Bill Steven Erthelt, LifeNews (15 July, 2009)

Op-Ed- Gambling: A Loser for PA Natalie Rogol, PennLive (12 July, 2009) -“From the Commonwealth Foundation: Gambling’s first five years in Pennsylvania have been an embarrassment for residents and state officials, something lawmakers should consider before further expanding legalized gambling.”