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Cap-and-Trade Bill Would Cost Families CitizenLink (25 June, 2009) -The would cost in this title just neared much closer to is costing since the House just passed the bill, moving it to the Senate.  Although the idea of saving energy and protecting our enviroment is noble and needed, our government is placing the burden on the wrong people-us.  This energy conservation bill involves raising electricity bills greatly and regulating the amount of energy that companies use, all to lower the temperature by an unnoticable amount.

I am a firm believer that as a nation, we need to be more active in saving the enviroment.  Nonetheless, I still don’t think taxes are the answer.  Why don’t we consider holding recycling companies accountable, making sure they actually recycle the materials they collect?  A lot of energy is lost in the efforts of households to recycle when there isn’t enough hands, machines, or space to follow through with the recycling process.  Or what about electrical lines?  Instead of charging families more for their electricity, couldn’t we fix the electrical lines we have by lessening the energy loss when electricity is transmitted?  This could also possibly create job opportunities.  Change doesn’t always mean creating something grand and new, sometimes it means working to better materials already at hand.

Huckabee Hashes Out Abortion Aruments with Comedian Jon Stewart Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews (26 June, 2009) – A little over a week ago, Huckabee challenged Host Jon Stewart’s view on abortion durign the late-night “comedy” segment.  Near the end of the segment, Jon Stewart reflected on the ultrasounds of his own children before they were born and recalled the “wonder and love and all those things” he felt while observing his children in the womb.  Yet he still added that he didn’t “feel personally that it is a decision [he could] make for another person.” “Huckabee also pursued the question of equal rights in a parallel to slavery, asking: ‘Does a person have a right to own another person? … Can the mother totally own the child?'”