What we’re reading:

Pastor Prevented from Praying in ‘Jesus’ Name’ in State House Erin James, Daily Record/Sunday News (25 June, 2009) -As a guest chaplain to open the House in prayer this past Tuesday, a staff member at the meeting told Pastor Stolzfoos that he could not mention the name Jesus in his prayer.  (Essentially, either they were asking that their guest pastor prayed to no one.  Or, if they did believe he would be praying to someone when he prayed, the staff wasn’t willing to make a stand for the person to whom they offered their prayers.)  Notably, Pastor Stolzfoos refused to pray if it could not be in the name of Jesus.

Casinos Donating Millions to PA Politicians Worden and Parmley, Philly.com (24 June, 2009) -Perhaps our legislatures don’t always stand to represent their constituents, rather they represent those who present the funds.

Porn Makes it Way to iPhone Roger Greer, CitizenLink (26 June, 2009) -For only $2, iPhone users can upload their phone with over 2,200 pornographic pictures.

Team of Researchers Blames Children’s Films for Perpetuating “Heteronormativity” Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews (24 June, 2009) -Now Disney is the reason so many people think that the romantic, beautiful love that they yearn for can only be found with the opposite sex.  The research has been done, it must be true, love between a man and a woman is instigated by children’s movies….I haven’t done any research, but logic tells me that Disney didn’t create the idea that a man and a woman go together.  Disney simply creates the storyline.  The personalities and actions of their animated characters are a reflection of the natural habits of people.