What we’re reading:

Poker and Blackjack Coming to a Casino Near You? Suzette Parmley, Philly (17 June, 2009) -State Rep. DeWeese recently proposed that table games be legalized, arguing that the taxed revenue will help to cover the state’s debt.  Essentially, our state legislatures are beginning to fold their cards on continuing the fight against gambling; when the pressure rises people begin to act desperately, with or without their integrity.

Federal Civil Rights Commission Opposes Hate Crimes Bill CitizenLink (18 June, 2009) -Against the great push for the Hate Crimes Bill amongst the politicians, members of the Civil Rights Commission wrote to the Senate advising that the bill is not passed.  In this same manner, we should be voicing our opinions to the government.

Obama to Extend Benefits to Homosexual Partners of Federal Employees Philip Elliot, myway (17 June, 2009)

Obama’s Health Care Plan Promotes Abortion? Steven Ertelt, LifeNews (15 June, 2009) -“President Barak Obama gave a major speech to members of the American Medical Association on Monday concerning health care.  However, his speech lacked any details on the paramount issue for pro-life advocates–whether his plan would fund or promote abortions with taxpayer dollars.”