Gullible states see gambling as ‘tax troughs’

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Good column in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by retired business columnist Jack Markowitz about gambling dollars being down. Good quote about “gullible state lawmakers” and “tax troughs.”

“America’s fastest-growing city in general taps the disposable income of those who can afford it, foreign and domestic. It doesn’t victimize the poor very much (except the local poor), because people have to be well-fixed enough to get there. It’s a trip.

“But the casinos that Las Vegas entrepreneurs — and gullible state lawmakers — have helped to spread around the country as tax troughs are different. They’re all too convenient to local challengers of the odds. Most will tend to be of humbler means or flat-out addicts. It’s only a bus ride. “


Leslie Maynor

Maybe we just have to face it, Eddie R. just does not care unless something directly effects him. All the logic in the world won’t sway him from his destruction of our state. We need to make it personal. If tobacco companies can be sued so can Eddie R..
If this passes how about a nice class action suit on behalf of all the families who have been valiantly struggling with the effects of gambling and alcohol addictions. And while we are at it, how about another for good measure and let’s sue him on behalf of all citizen who have been made just plain sick by his actions.
All we need is one mighty brave lawyer.


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