Gay Activist Groups Targeting Children With Help From PA Dept of Education

Feb 25, 2009 | 15 comments

We provide the following link for your information. As Pennsylvania Family Institute engages in cultural “skirmishes” on key issues, we often become aware of the activities and efforts of groups that oppose our perspectives and values.

We become most concerned when such activities appear to target children, and especially so when they are endorsed or funded by governmental institutions. In this particular case, you will note that the Pennsylvania Department of Education has teamed up with the PSEA (the teacher’s union) and Planned Parenthood in an event that targets children and their teachers. Taxpayer dollars are being used to facilitate involvement and attendance in this program.

This event is by no means unique, nor is it inconsequential. Most pastors and most parents are unaware that our schools, and the institutions that influence and control them, are involved in activities such as that identified in the linked flyer.

We solicit your comments and suggestions about this matter, and what you might have us do in light of it and other similar matters.