Governor Wolf is hurting thousands of families across Pennsylvania by blocking scholarship award approval letters for the much needed Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC).

It’s a sacrifice every year for families who choose private or Christian schooling for their children, often to avoid a low-performing public school. Many families rely on additional tuition assistance to make this choice possible.

That why the EITC program was set up in Pennsylvania; to help low-income families choose the best education by offering tax credits to businesses who contribute to tuition scholarships.  Since 2001, this program has been able to help tens of thousands of families afford the best educational option for their children.

Using the EITC program, Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Family Choice Scholarship Program has provided nearly 4,000 scholarships totaling over $4.5 million to low-income families. Every year, many of these families express their gratitude for this program; telling us without this assistance their child’s private or Christian schooling would not be possible.

But unfortunately, right now no business is able to contribute towards scholarships because Governor Wolf has blocked their approval for the tax credit. As we approach the end of the year, the Family Choice Scholarship Program, and the entire EITC network, is being hurt by the loss of businesses setting up their donations.

If a business cannot donate by December 31 to receive a tax credit, the ability to award scholarships and help families will be significantly impacted.

Should Governor Wolf continue to block this program, the burden on so many Pennsylvania families will be felt this Christmas. And sadly, children and the next generation will suffer.

“Not administering the programs by not authorizing the credits is like saying people don’t have to pay taxes because we don’t have a budget,” said PA State Representative Jim Christiana. “The programs don’t go out of existence because we don’t have a budget.”

Contact Governor Wolf today to urge him to release the approvals and allow for scholarships to continue into the Education Improvement Tax Credit. Phone: 717-787-2500