Gov. Rendell announced a budget proposal to legalize and tax video poker gambling at alcohol-licensed facilities in Pennsylvania for yet another new state program to give college tuition assistance. 5 video gambling machines per joint means 14,000 potential mini-casinos in neighborhoods across the state, with a potential total of 70,000 machines! That sure makes it easier to lose the family paycheck right in your own neighborhood!

These machines are the “crack cocaine of gambling” and — combined with drinking alcohol — will trap more people more quickly in the downward spiral of gambling addiction. If this is Act 2 of the charade of “tax relief” from slot machines, say No, thanks!

“Pennsylvanians have good reason to deal themselves out of Gov. Ed Rendell’s sudden bid to legalize video poker in bars, restaurants and private clubs. Let us count the ways.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) No dice: The state knows too little to legalize video poker

“Funding the real dreams of one group — a college education — by preying on the false hopes of another is an idea that is morally bankrupt.” (Centre Daily Times, State College, Pa.) Rendell gambles on his budget

What You Need to Do:
-Contact your State Senator and State Representative using our Citizen Action Center.
-Tell them to OPPOSE GOV. RENDELL’S VIDEO GAMBLING PLAN and Vote NO on any bill to legalize video poker machines and Vote NO on any state budget proposal that includes gambling expansion!
-Please alert your friends and family. Alert your pastor and your church before it’s too late.