This news out of Canada should serve as a warning that there are real consequences to religious liberty across our great commonwealth if a bill like House Bill 1400 would pass into law here!

HB 1400 would radically amend our state’s Human Relations Code by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to public accommodation and employment discriminations laws. These types of laws have been used as a hammer against Christian ministries and Christian workers in Canada and in other states like New Jersey. In N.J., the Ocean Grove Campmeeting Association lost part of its tax exemption because it followed its own doctrine in refusing to allow a lesbian “civil union” (same-sex marriage) ceremony at its outdoor pavilion!

TAKE ACTION! If you are in Pennsylvania, call or E-mail your State Representative and State Senator to oppose HB 1400 (and its companion in the senate, SB 761). All people should be treated fairly under the law, but adding protected categories such as sexual orientation, would be used to try to stifle free speech and free exercise of religion i.e. our First Amendment! Our Citizen Action Center can help you find your contacts in the legislature.