Plans were on a fast track to reverse a decades-old ban on federal taxpayer funding of family planning groups that perform or promote abortions overseas, but instead were derailed in a victory for the sanctity of human life! Leading Democrats in congress had tried to reverse the ban (called the Mexico City policy) by adding language to a $500-billion spending bill. Sanctity of Life

You may recall the recent full page ads by Pennsylvania Family Institute and Focus on the Family calling on Sen. Bob Casey to “come home” to his pro-life roots after he cast key votes to REVERSE the pro-life Mexico City policy. Many constituents have told us that the senator’s office reiterated that he favors family planning as a method of “reducing abortion.” However, a quick fact check confirms that the largest recipient of such funding, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) performs and promotes abortion. On its website, it lists what they call their “5 As” and numero uno is (surprise!) Abortion and no. 4 is Advocacy – described as campaigning and lobbying for abortion! So we taxpayers would help fund their campaigns to change both the abortion laws in underdeveloped countries and poor women’s attitudes toward getting abortions. So, whose plan is ‘family planning’ anyway? Answer: Apparently it’s groups like Planned Parenthood’s, many times pitted against the family values, cultures and governments in other countries.