Policy ProposalsOur Grandparents Rights bill just came up on the House floor for a vote. Main sponsor Rep. Kortz takes the mic and presents the bill. Good job. Rep. Vulakovich goes next and gives a point-by-point rationale for the bill, using some of the talking points straight out of our policy proposals booklet!
Rep. Mackereth from York, argues that the Department of Public Welfare folks told her that the bill is unnecessary; that grandparents already have rights from another PA law called the Kinship Act.


    Rep. Kortz counters that the Kinship Act can allow for grandparents’ consideration, but in practice, it’s not happening. Grandparents are being shut out of the picture. He says his bill is about considering grandparents “up front” instead of much later in the court process. He says “it’s a good bill; it’s about keeping families together” (Good points!).


    Philly Rep. Youngblood stands and makes an emotional plea for the bill (unexpected but welcomed!) in telling a story involving her son and how the child welfare bureaucrats wronged him.

    A motion to stall the bill failed. Then to a vote on final passage. 181-11. Victory! Thank the reps who voted Yes. Now on to the state senate. Time for folks to call their senators to pass this bill.