Keep PA Fair – Oppose the so-called “Fairness Act”

Dangerous legislation may be the greatest threat to religious freedom and rights of conscience in memory.

The so-called “Fairness Act” – what is it?

Proposed in Pennsylvania is the so-called “Fairness Act” – which is anything but fair. Overview: Proposed “Fairness” Act undermines fairness, tolerance; threatens needed services

Take Action: Contact your State Senator & State Representative to oppose so-called “Fairness Act” – SB 613 and HB 1410

Stories – Why so-called “Fairness Act” is Unfair:

Wedding Industry

  • Photographer – Is it fair to make violating your beliefs the cost of citizenship?
  • Florist – Is it fair to threaten a woman’s life savings for declining a friend’s business?
  • Baker – Is it fair to fine a family $135,000 for refusing to violate their conscience?
  • Cake Baker – Is it fair to compare a Christian to a Nazi just for living out his beliefs on marriage?
  • Rental Property – Is it fair to compel Christians to do something that violates their faith?

For-Profit Companies

  • T-Shirt Designer – Is it fair for the government to compel someone to say something?

Public Service

  • Fire Chief – Is it fair to fire someone for their beliefs on marriage?

Christian Schools

Printable Resources

Keep PA Fair: a three-page handout detailing the impact to religious freedom by this type of proposed legislation.

Memo to Pastors: Help your pastor to be aware of and to understand the issues surrounding the so-called “Fairness Act.”

Protecting Your Ministry: A legal guide for Churches, Christian Schools and Christian Ministries.