Proposed “Fairness” Act actually undermines fairness, tolerance

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Pennsylvania is already a tolerant state.  Bill would threaten needed services.

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Family Council, the state’s largest pro-family advocacy organization, calls on Pennsylvania Legislators to reject proposed legislation that would undermine the tolerance and religious freedom for which this Commonwealth is known and was founded.

Ironically named the “Fairness Act,” the proposal (HB 1510/SB 974) would empower government to unfairly punish Pennsylvanians who continue to hold that marriage is the special and sacred union of one man and one woman.

The “Fairness Act” would unfairly force hundreds of charities across the state that help and educate the poor, the infirm, orphans and foster children to choose between violating their faith and convictions, and ceasing operations.  This would harm tens of thousands of needy Pennsylvanians.

The “Fairness Act” would empower lawyers and special interests to unfairly target individuals, businesses, schools and ministries with costly lawsuits, dragging citizens into court and threatening them with ruinous fines, simply for what they believe.

Laws and policies like HB 1510 have been used in other states to persecute and prosecute grandmothers and young families and even force Catholic Charities in Boston and Illinois out of the foster care and adoption ministry because they believe that marriage is special, and that mothers and fathers are important.

“Pennsylvania is a place where people care for one another,” said Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Council. “It’s who we are.  It’s what we do. The thousands of quality, faith-based charities, ministries, businesses, schools and individuals across Pennsylvania that serve people in need are a great example of that.”

“The ‘Fairness Act’ would put this all at risk by punishing those who choose not to embrace or promote actions or events that violate their beliefs.  That would be truly unfair and unjust,” added Geer.

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Sheri Harris

This “Fairness Act” seems very unfair to me and violates my constitutional right to freedom of religion. Our freedoms and rights that this country were founded on are slowly being taken away under the guise of “fairness”. Fairness for whom, I must ask. Certainly not for the majority. Please vote against it.


I’m with Sheri! America is a place where you are supposed to be free to believe what you want and to take that freedom is not American at all! To even consider such act is ridiculous but doesn’t surprise me in this twisted world today! Please do not pass!!!

Sr.Mary Michael Burns

I can’t believe that PA is bending to such an unfair practice. This is against our Religious Freedom. Isn’t it bad enough for our Federal Gov’t to sink so low against our Country’s Religious Beliefs? Must our State go right along with them? Shame on our State Leaders if SB974 and HB1510 goes through.

John & Druanne Bullock

We, my wife and l stand opposed to the bills (SB 974 & HB 1510) regarding the use of bathroom and locker room facilities in the state of Pennsylvania. Your help in defeating theses bills are urgently requested. John & Druanne Bullock, 1727 Galey St, Upper Chichester, Pa 19061.


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